Thursday, October 23, 2014

my creative space.

this week, i've been working on a little commission project. i was sent a picture of some wee little baby booties from a school friend, asking if i could recreate them.
i've been working on them in little stretches, over the weekend, and bits and pieces after work too.

the hardest part, not working from a pattern, has been to get the shaping right...
this was my first attempt.

and the shaping is not right at all!
they look super odd, and this was after many attempts too! lots of frogging and re-stitching went into this little finished product and i was still not happy!

so i started over. completely different tact with the way i was putting everything together...

aaaaaaand much happier! it actually looks like a little boot, which was EXACTLY my intention! yahoo!

now to make another to match... and some cute little ties to pretty them up too!

and just as an fyi, i'm using bendigo woollen mills classic in cream and bendigo woollen mills colonial in grey. both held double and hooked up with a 4.5mm hook.

what are you working on at the moment? do you ever make up your own patterns when you're knitting or crocheting?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

green love.

phew! it's been a busy week so far, lots of work, some dancing and never enough sleep, but that's just what i've been doing!
my garden has been busy too, even if i've been too busy to be out in it.

my spinach has gone absolutely ballistic. almost too ballistic as it's quite close to going to seed... and by that i mean, it's trying but i keep pulling any buds off that form so i can get moooooore leaves!
i'll have a good pick of the leaves tonight to veg up the meatballs that i'm making for dinner. deeeeeelicious.

even though i've barely been outside in my garden so far this week, i did get quite a bit done around the yard over the weekend, including getting all these little guys repotted into bigger pots.

i also decided to leave them OUT of my greenhouse. time to harden up suckers!
don't mind my scraggly lawns either, they're on this weekend's to-do list...

after i freed up the bigger pots that the roses were in, i got to some more re-potting jobs too...

well i made a start in any case. i have another 21098341 little weenie tomato plants that need bigger pots too, just need some more compost to put them in... another job on this weekend's to-do list ha ha!

i shared a picture of my bay tree last sunday, as i thought it was doing some pretty good things...

but check it out now!! i feel like it's almost double in size! one happy little vegemite bay tree indeed.

and speaking of happy, my grapevine is looking pretty pleased too.

despite being nearly overtaken by the raspberries, the grapes seem quite happy in their little corners of the planter box. and *touch wood* nothing has decided to eat the living daylights out of them yet either... maybe it's the eggshells? fingers crossed everything stays untouched!

now to remember to keep the water up to everything...

what's growing in your patch at the moment? do you grow your own bay leaves? or spinach? what's your favourite way to eat spinach?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

creatively challenged.

or maybe a more appropriate title would be 'time challenged'...

i signed up for clare's 2nd creative challenge after kicking myself for not signing up for the first. what i didn't take into account though, was a supreme lack of time!!

i had plenty of time to think about what i wanted to do, just not enough to achieve what i wanted to do though...

my two clues were...

a snowflake, and the colour 'wisteria'.
and my mind went one place...

to this amazing little pattern book, full of beautiful lace inspired crocheted patterns (written by this lovely lass) and i've been picturing an 'anya' made up in this purple cotton i have lots of ever since.

should make a perfect christmas present!

do you ever have the absolute best of intentions, and not quite come through with the goods? did you join in with clare's creative challenge?

Monday, October 20, 2014

meal planning monday.

after my amazing dinner on friday night (evidence below ha ha) i'm feeling pretty inspired to get some good grub going!

bb and i roasted a chicken last night for dinner, and i whacked the carcass straight into my slow cooker with some braised onions and carrots and fresh herbs from the garden. lots of chicken stock inspiration happening. and by that i mean soup. mainly because there's fresh chicken stock, but also to use up the vegies that are in the fridge.

tonight, i'll throw together one of bb's faves, curried carrot soup.

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet, so soup will be on the menu again, potato and leek this time, and the slow cooker will do the hard yards while we're at work!

wednesday night, i'll mix it up a bit, not soup! meatballs instead! i'll pack up the red sauce with broad beans and spinach though. must get through those vegies!

thursday night, i'm working late! i'll set bb up with a nice steak, and i'll have something in my break at work. it's always so hard to know when to eat when i'm working late...

because i'm working thursday night this week, i've got friday night off! woop woop! i'm thinking it would be nice to head out for dinner. and i'm trying to convince bb that the best option is brothl... eating there once a week isn't too much right? ha ha!

saturday, i'm intending to head out in the morning to a farmer's market! i want to stock the fridge up with beautiful seasonal produce to get me inspired for the week ahead! but also to get me inspired for dinner on saturday... and maybe sunday too ha ha!

what are you eating this week? have you eaten at brothl? did you like it? what's your favourite farmers market?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

friday night was spent at finder's keepers and it was the PERFECT way to end the working week. it was lovely to swan around, saying hey to people i knew and checking out everyone's amazing wares. there seemed to be quite a few completely new stalls which was awesome!

post market fun, myself did a friend, headed into the city to grab some dinner...

i had been wanting to go to broth'l since they opened their doors. the idea of a zero waste restaurant is awesome and very well executed.
i loved every second of the experience, trying out kombucha for the first time, and getting to watch our dinner being prepared right in front of us, all the while checking out the shelves of pickles and vinegars and supplies. so awesome!

one of my purchases from the market was put to good use in the sunshine yesterday,

i planted out a bunch of watermelon seeds, and have sussed out the best place to set up the sunflowers as well (everywhere, they're going everywhere!). the beetroot will need a soaking before they go in, and also something to be planted into! i used up all my potting mix supplies repotting all of my rose cuttings, oops!

this guy was sure helpful with my gardening efforts...

jumping out at me while i was pulling weeds, scaring the absolute pants off me! so helpful!

and in slightly annoying news...

my oven is being a crank tank! 2 and a bit hours in the oven yesterday, and this is what i got! harrumph!!!

my sourdough starter has sadly gone BACK into the fridge, after months of getting used daily. not happy jan!
though maybe now i have room in my life to make my own kombucha ha ha!

what have you been up to this week? have you tried kombucha before? or made your own? did you head to finders keepers too?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

green love.

oops. running a little late with this post! a flat out couple of days at work, as well as post-work commitments have left me with a lot less time than i'd anticipated i'd have this week.
not to worry though, i'm here now, and ready to share what's growing in my garden this week!

is this not the happiest little herb garden you ever did see?
well as long as you don't look at the thyme that is... the thyme is not so happy, in fact i think it might be a little bit dead... but the oregano, rosemary and parsley are going absolute gangbusters!

this little plant next to my front door has popped out some flowers to say hello!

it's only flowering on the side closest to the house at the moment, a little strange but pretty none the less...

speaking of flowers, my rose is having a little crack currently.

it's not been particularly successful thus far, but it's absolutely covered in buds, ready to try and try again!

my neighbour's rose though?

i love the colours of these flowers, and it's taken all my will power not to sneak out with my secateurs and liberate a few blooms.

what's growing in your patch this week? are you a sneaky flower snipper? what do you do with all your herbs when they're growing like crazy?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


just before the weekend, an excellent thing happened...

two became one. the single, lonely red sock, became a PAIR of socks!
my super fancy new knitting needles were the motivation i needed to get them finished up, and well, that last little bit of sock was a heck of a lot easier to knit with needles that didn't bend at the slightest inkling of pressure. needless to say, my tension was much improved on that home stretch too!

so happy was i to see the back of them, i may have immediately cast on another pair. well after knitting a tension square or two that is...

yep, another two-at-a-time pair! i'm loving this metal circular needle too! the stitches slide so smoothly along!
a lot more so than the interchangeables i'm knitting this pair on in any case...

not too worry though, it's not nearly as difficult to knit with as those silly double pointed needles were (lesson: never buy knitting needles from large chain craft stores)
these beauties haven't grown much (though i did finally flip them in the right way to show off the k1p3 rib pattern, i likeeeeey!) as i have been distracted by the previous purple pair.
though i AM already thinking about casting on the next one too...

you can never have too many socks on the go in socktober though, am i right?
the question will be though, how many can i get finished by the end of the month??

are you a sock knitter? what's the quickest you've ever knitted a sock?