Thursday, October 30, 2014

my creative space.

this week there hasn't been a whole lot going on creativity wise...

just a fairly large amount of this!

i was hoping to get this little gem FINISHED over the weekend. did. not. happen.

the balls i'm working for seem to be never ending, so this has been what i've been up to for the last week...
sometimes accompanied by a cider, or a movie, a big cup of tea or a tv show (i've just finished re-watching the west wing, and started on gilmore girls), or none of those things because i'm in the car!

lots of action for this blanket in any case!

here's hoping i'll have it finished by THIS weekend, as i am SUPER keen to work on something else for a bit!

what have you been working on this week? do you have any balls of wool that just go on forever?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

green love.

oops, running a bit late today as it's been a pretty massive one!
i woke up (late, boy did i ever need a sleep in today!) on the farm, and got busy as soon as i could!

mum and i spent the morning planting out some wee green things we'd been growing from seeds...

a little patch of beans which i'm super happy with. i'm thrilled because these little guys came from seeds that i SAVED from our crop last year. yahoo!
definitely need to do some more of that this year!

and these wee fella's have been planted OUT of the garden bed.

we wanted them to have lots of room so that they can ramble and grow as much as they need to. and hopefully grow lots of lovely pumpkins! yum!

as well as beans and pumpkins, we also planted out a whole heap of onions (a bit slower going in than i'd have hoped, oh well!), more seeds (snowpeas, beans, corn, lots of exciting stuff!) aaaaand we were supposed to plant out tomatoes too, though we ran out of time!

i feel like we really worked hard, but there was someone working harder than us...

good bees!
now if we can save some of the fruit this little guy is helping to make from the birds, it'll be a good year!

what's growing in your patch today? did you get out and catch some sun?

Monday, October 27, 2014

meal planning monday.

woweeeeeee last week was a big one! lots of BIG days at work, as well as a full day of work training (AND ballet on the same day) meant a VERY tired nicole. needless to say, the meal plan wasn't stuck too THAT much. but it was enough ha ha! we did pretty well considering...

i'm pretty excited to get to use a whole heap of fresh and seasonal vegies this week, after picking up our vegie box on saturday.

tonight, i'll cook up a couple of fresh lamb chops, that i'll pick up from the butcher on my lunch break. and i'll pair them with some creative sides to get to using some of the vegies from our box.

tuesday night, i'm heading down to the country straight from ballet, so bb will be on his own. i've got the day off from work though so if i'm feeling in the mood, i'll whip up a batch of curried carrot soup, which never ended up happening last week. we'll see ha ha!

wednesday night, i'll be coming home from visiting mum and dad so will be giving ncb a miss this week i think... need a night at home to mentally prepare for the week of work ahead (yep, it's wednesday. retail work = weekend work) and if i'm home, well i'll throw together a batch of jamie's pork ragu. with lots of spinach added to the sauce, and a big side salad i think. hopefully my oven will be back in action too, and we can have the ragu on freshly baked bread!

thursday night, i might whizz up some spinach pesto (so much spinach, in the garden and in the fridge from the vegie box!) and pop it with some pasta! simple and easy AND i can whack some in the freezer for next time too.

friday night, i'm working late. satay chicken in the slow cooker should do the trick. deeeeelicious.

saturday, i'm not actually working!!! it's my weekend to work so that is kind of a big deal ha ha. bb and i have got plans though, which should keep us out of the house for a good few hours, but should give me a bit of time to get into the kitchen and get something delicious cooking for dinner. i'm not sure exactly WHAT at this stage, but something delicious for sure!

oh and sunday, well i'll be working. i'll leave bb in charge...

what are you eating this week? what's your favourite vegie dish?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

yesterday, i explored a little bit of brunswick and couldn't help myself taking a picture of this fantastic verge. so much colour and greenery. why would you want to grow grass when you could grow all this awesome stuff?
i was in brunswick to pick up my very first grown and gathered vegie box. it was SO packed full of goodies, i'm so excited to put together some recipe ideas to get through it all!

this is pretty much what my friday night looked like.

a quiet night in with a lovely little tipple to drink and a PUZZLE to do.
it has been years and years since i did a puzzle, but last sunday it was all i could think about.
it was pretty awesome to switch off and just concentrate on finding similar pieces to fit together.

this guy.

he always know how to make housework 'fun'

and by fun, i mean a little bit harder than it has to be. lucky he's cute.

bb and i went on a little roadtrip this afternoon, to help his mumma settle into her new abode, moving furniture and such.
and i got to hang out on my parent's farm for a bit.

check out this teeny tiny birds nest!
it is in the most precarious of positions, in a little branch overhanging a lane, only about a foot off the ground!
super cute though!

and speaking of super cute...

this was a photo i took of a nest that has been used for many years in the woodshed by a family of swallows. it's quite high on the wall, so i used my camera to see whether there were any eggs in the nest. i got quite the shock to see the above little heads peeking up at my camera! 5 little baby birds, SO CUTE!

and lastly...

a teeny treat, from a work training session earlier in the week. i hadn't had a butterfly cake in SO many years.
it was an amazing trip down memory lane.

are there birds nesting near you too? when was the last time you had a butterfly cake? do you like to do jigsaw puzzles?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

my creative space.

this week, i've been working on a little commission project. i was sent a picture of some wee little baby booties from a school friend, asking if i could recreate them.
i've been working on them in little stretches, over the weekend, and bits and pieces after work too.

the hardest part, not working from a pattern, has been to get the shaping right...
this was my first attempt.

and the shaping is not right at all!
they look super odd, and this was after many attempts too! lots of frogging and re-stitching went into this little finished product and i was still not happy!

so i started over. completely different tact with the way i was putting everything together...

aaaaaaand much happier! it actually looks like a little boot, which was EXACTLY my intention! yahoo!

now to make another to match... and some cute little ties to pretty them up too!

and just as an fyi, i'm using bendigo woollen mills classic in cream and bendigo woollen mills colonial in grey. both held double and hooked up with a 4.5mm hook.

what are you working on at the moment? do you ever make up your own patterns when you're knitting or crocheting?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

green love.

phew! it's been a busy week so far, lots of work, some dancing and never enough sleep, but that's just what i've been doing!
my garden has been busy too, even if i've been too busy to be out in it.

my spinach has gone absolutely ballistic. almost too ballistic as it's quite close to going to seed... and by that i mean, it's trying but i keep pulling any buds off that form so i can get moooooore leaves!
i'll have a good pick of the leaves tonight to veg up the meatballs that i'm making for dinner. deeeeeelicious.

even though i've barely been outside in my garden so far this week, i did get quite a bit done around the yard over the weekend, including getting all these little guys repotted into bigger pots.

i also decided to leave them OUT of my greenhouse. time to harden up suckers!
don't mind my scraggly lawns either, they're on this weekend's to-do list...

after i freed up the bigger pots that the roses were in, i got to some more re-potting jobs too...

well i made a start in any case. i have another 21098341 little weenie tomato plants that need bigger pots too, just need some more compost to put them in... another job on this weekend's to-do list ha ha!

i shared a picture of my bay tree last sunday, as i thought it was doing some pretty good things...

but check it out now!! i feel like it's almost double in size! one happy little vegemite bay tree indeed.

and speaking of happy, my grapevine is looking pretty pleased too.

despite being nearly overtaken by the raspberries, the grapes seem quite happy in their little corners of the planter box. and *touch wood* nothing has decided to eat the living daylights out of them yet either... maybe it's the eggshells? fingers crossed everything stays untouched!

now to remember to keep the water up to everything...

what's growing in your patch at the moment? do you grow your own bay leaves? or spinach? what's your favourite way to eat spinach?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

creatively challenged.

or maybe a more appropriate title would be 'time challenged'...

i signed up for clare's 2nd creative challenge after kicking myself for not signing up for the first. what i didn't take into account though, was a supreme lack of time!!

i had plenty of time to think about what i wanted to do, just not enough to achieve what i wanted to do though...

my two clues were...

a snowflake, and the colour 'wisteria'.
and my mind went one place...

to this amazing little pattern book, full of beautiful lace inspired crocheted patterns (written by this lovely lass) and i've been picturing an 'anya' made up in this purple cotton i have lots of ever since.

should make a perfect christmas present!

do you ever have the absolute best of intentions, and not quite come through with the goods? did you join in with clare's creative challenge?