Monday, April 13, 2015

meal planning monday.

just sneaking in with a meal plan while it's still monday... it's been a big day!

today has been mammoth! a flat out day at work, followed by a staff meeting, with lots of rushing to get from one to the other... needless to say, there was take-away for dinner. it was delicious. the perfect accompaniment to the first episode of season 5 of game of thrones (!!!)

tomorrow morning i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer, and cook some pasta when i get home. quick, easy, lots of knitting time. perfect.

wednesday night is ncb night and it will be awesome!

thursday night, i'll grab some chicken from the butcher and use up the tandoori paste that i found in the fridge after rearranging everything on saturday when we made pizzas. haven't had tandoori chicken for ages!

friday night, i'm working late. will throw some osso bucco in the slow cooker before i leave i think.

saturday night, i'm in two minds about going for home-made pizzas again. they're a) delicious and b) will use up all the pizza stuff we bought last week for pizzas.

and sunday, i'm hoping to have that big freezer stock up... it never happened last week. oops!

what are you eating this week? what's your favourite pizza topping? are you a game of thrones fan?

Sunday, April 12, 2015


ok, so we're more than a week INTO april and i haven't even written my monthly intention post yet! oops!!
i've been thinking about it a lot, but a long weekend away in the country saw me having a little too much fun outside and hanging with my family. time well spent me thinks!

now i share a little bit of what i'd been up to in march already, but i'll share what i was up to for the rest of the month too...

making the kitchen pretty while preserving some chillies.
taking walks around my neighborhood, racking up steps to get to 10k steps each day, well most days in march anyway.
hung out with the cutest puppy in the universe, and some most excellent ladies too.
oh, AND, i bought my wedding dress! bb and i got engaged on our anniversary in december last year so now i'm slowly SLOWLY planning bits and pieces to bring it all together. hopefully by our anniversary THIS year. lots to do!

and now for the month ahead?
well i'm playing along with...

and i'm taking the challenge to do a little crafting every day. my crafty to-do list is getting out of control...

so i thought it would prove an opportunity to get it whittled down... now if only i would stop ADDING things to the list ha ha!

last month i didn't quite get to organising mine and bb's birth certificates so that will be high on the priority list for april. especially seeing as now there might be an overseas adventure planned post-wedding. woohoo!

what's on your agenda for this month? are you joining in the 100 days of creativity too?

Monday, April 6, 2015

meal planning monday.

well hello! after an amazing 4 day weekend, i'm feeling pretty energized for the week ahead.
i figured the best way to capitalise on that bit of energy, would be to get a meal plan happening! yes!

tonight, i'm throwing together saliccia al forno for the first time, being that i haven't been at work and have a little bit of time to fiddle around in the kitchen. so excellent!

tomorrow night, i'll grab some fish out of the freezer and bake it in the oven along with some chippies! perfect tuesday night dinner, nice and simple.

wednesday night, i'll grab the last of the ravioli out of the freezer and whip up a tomato-ey sauce for another quick and easy dinner.

thursday, i'm working late. old faithful satay chicken in the slow cooker will be the perfect thing to come home to i think.

friday night, bb is hoping to catch up with his brothers and watch the football. i'll bach' it up at home, and whip up one of my faves, spaghetti carbonara. bb's not a fan, so i like to whip it up when i'm home by myself!

for saturday, i'm thinking homemade pizzas! it's been AGES and they're just so easy and SO delicious! plus it will use up some of the bits and pieces that are building up in the fridge. perfection.

and on sunday, i'm hoping to spend a bit of time clearing out, and re-stocking the freezer. we're almost out of our little stockpile of assorted meats, and i'm planning to put together some little packs with protein and all the ingredients for slow cooker meals. that way i can just grab everything out the night before, and throw it in the slow cooker in the morning. if i'm visiting the butcher to stock up the freezer, i might grab a little roast or something for us to have for dinner on sunday. should be delicious!

what are you eating this week? how was your long weekend? have you tried any of trish's recipes? her blog is a treasure trove of amazing recipes, excellent photography and awesome stories.

Friday, March 27, 2015

march so far.

excuse me march, how exactly are you nearly over already?
so many posts in my brain, but i'm totally struggling to find the time to actually get anything down at the moment. every spare second is spent in bed or knitting!
speaking of which, this has been the month for getting things happening knitting wise...

my whorl was finished in the first half of the month. i LOVE it! though there was some pretty strange colour pooling that happened, as i got closer to casting off. such random splattering of colour to start with, and then giant swathes towards the end. still like it though.

beanie knitting has finally started! just in time for the beanie festival entry forms which arrived yesterday.
i was impressed i managed two beanies from the one ball of yarn i had bagged up for beanie fun.
i knitted the first in stockinette, and got inspired so the second has a kind of rotating moss stitch happening. it used up a little more yarn though so it's a little shorter in the crown. hope it fits someone at the festival!
there's another on my needles at the moment, though i'm not sure it'll be done by the end of the month, being that the end of the month is in FOUR DAYS! stranger things have happened though.

i've also had the benefit of having wednesday off this week and last week which has given me the time and mental space to start work on a pattern that has been banging around in my brain for a couple of weeks. the above yellow ball became a teeny weeny prototype, and i've cast on a bigger version in a blue to test whether or not my shaping technique grades well. exciting stuff!

what has your march looked like so far? have you been doing any knitting or creating?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

meal planning monday.

on a tuesday. oops. i am struggling to plan head at the moment, i won't lie. i can cast my brain ahead maybe a day or two if i'm lucky ha ha.
let's see how we go with this meal plan though, considering i'm already almost two days into the week, maybe it will go ok.

last night, i grabbed some ravioli out of the freezer and served it with some reduced passata with some fresh basil stirred through. it was delicious!

tonight, i'm about to cook up some burgers. i grabbed a couple of buns from the supermarket and some fresh salad mix from the green grocer. should be yummy!

tomorrow night, i'm heading into the city for a trivia night and to catch up with some pals. i believe that food is provided, but being in the city, i'm sure i'll find something to munch on if it's not...

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll pop some osso bucco in the slow cooker before i leave. should be awesome to come home to.

friday night, i have the night off from work! my second friday night off in a row! i've got a wee hankering for pasta (every. single. day.) so i might grab some chorizo and fennel and make a meal of it. yuuuuuuum!

saturday night, bb can cook! i'll be working so i think that's only fair ha ha!

and sunday? sunday? well... i think i might cook a roast of some description... maybe chicken? then i can make chicken stock over night yeah! my freezer stocks are running a little low...

what are you cooking this week? how good are you at thinking ahead?

Thursday, March 5, 2015


ok so this post is a few days later than i would have liked... work life balance isn't going so well at the moment ha ha.
i'm slowly getting there though... while simultaneously recovering from an ear infection. not surprisingly a little run down from working a little too much.
it's ok though, as march is set to be a pretty rad month!

but first, february...

i set myself a pretty big list for february, considering i knew i'd be working 6 days a week...
i think i managed ONE session of yoga, and only ran on 2 of the sundays... definitely room for improvement in the month ahead.
i'm still very much off the wagon with the 5 minutes of green time a day. but i'm desperate to get back into it! mornings will be key once we lose daylight savings time i think...
on the knitting front i got a little done. my hitchhiker is done! and my whorl is well on it's way. no beanies unfortunately though...
oh and i managed another book too! the second book in the maze runner series. quite a compelling read.

and for march? i'd love to finish up my whorl, as well as actually get some beanies on and off my needles.
5 minutes a day in the garden wouldn't go astray to keep things ticking over out there... i feel like i should be getting some seeds happening for some wintery crops so they can be planted once my tomatoes are done.

i'd also like to make a little more headway on my passport too... i've realised i have NO idea where my birth certificate is, so will probably need to apply for another, gah! and bb has never ever gotten his... birth certificates needed all round!

what are you plans for march? any tips for passport applications?

Monday, March 2, 2015

meal planning monday.

it's that time of the week again. already. surely it was monday just yesterday? no?

slow down 2015!

tonight, we're having pulled pork. it's been in the oven all day, and i've just spent almost an hour pulling it. it smells DELICIOUS!

tomorrow night, i'll cook up the rest of that veal tortellini. it was delicious last week so i think i'll do a similar thing this week.

wednesday, i'm heading into town for ncb. i missed last fortnight's catch up, so i'm very much looking forward to it!

thursday night, i'll grab out some bolognaise, and boil up some pasta. simple and easy.

friday night, i'm working. satay chicken in the slow cooker. done and done.

saturday is my first saturday off in weeks! i'll celebrate by requesting bb takes me out for dinner. perfection ha ha!

sunday, i'm hoping to have a wee cook up to get ready for the week ahead, maybe whip up some sourdough wraps? and perhaps some curry to go inside them? yuuuuuuum!